With Friends Like These, We Get Mangoes!

27 July 2014 | When friends make the effort to present a gift of food, you simply must get creative. So it was that two fresh mangoes, from the tree in their Florida yard, made it to our house in time for a terrific summer salad. The easiest part - for us - was acquiring the mangoes. The hard part? The cutting... [more]

90 Degrees of Canning Chutney

22 July 2014 | New teeny blog post * Yes, chutney is happening * Sun shines on the hill... [more]

Wild About Aioli - And You Can Too!

20 July 2014 | You can have your thick, red, juice-dripping burgers. Make mine dry, ideally with a slight crisp on the outside. Squeeze out those juices! Which is why condiments ruled when we were growing up. Dry burgers offer texture, you see, but sometimes the flavor needs a little push. We'd trot out the ketchup, mustard, maybe mayo... [more]

3 Secret Ingredients for a Fine Time + Good Eating

13 July 2014 | We were never culinary queens. We left that - when we could get away with it - to other, more talented and giving folks. Lucky us, of course. But something happened as we passed from the stresses of fast-track life to more contemplative pursuits. In The World Without Alarms, we have adapted... [more]

Irony the Duck