Holy Week Staple: Superstar

20 April 2014 | When you're majoring in Religious Studies, course studies can take you down paths that at first may seem ridiculous. Take "Witchcraft, Demonology & the Absurd," an elective that offered credit for either Religious Studies or English. I was both; I was in. There I learned about Edgar Cayce's spoon-bending, about guidance offered by a moving pendulum, about Tarot cards, I Ching, and, yes, witchcraft... [more]

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Rice, Rice Again

13 April 2014 | Burned, gummy, underdone. My spectrum of rice mishaps has made me gun-shy. And yet, rice keeps popping back into life. But I may have found a workable tip: Toast it. A wonderful citrus rice salad offered that approach as well as a lovely dish that could be a side for an entrée, or a fine leftover lunch... [more]

Gummy Rice and That Cool Garlic Trick

6 April 2014 | Rice scares me. Which is why, a few years back, I was elated to discover couscous: a nice starchy side that even a fool could not screw up. Couscous prep is quick and never, ever results in gunk sticking to the bottom of the pan. Oops: Forgot to make a side and it's almost magic time? Pop open a box of couscous and you're a hero... [more]

THE SUNDAY COLUMN - Paste-Pops Phodder for Pinterest

30 March 2014 | So this one night I'm making tomato paste balls. The way a person does after prepping dinner. My son, always curious about things culinary, looks at me like I've lost my mind. What are you doing? I then explain that when a dish calls for 2TB tomato paste, you open the can and then what? For years, I'd replace the severed can top, thinking I'd use the leftover again soon. Then, weeks later, toss it... [more]

Irony the Duck