90 Degrees of Canning Chutney

22 July 2014 | New teeny blog post * Yes, chutney is happening * Sun shines on the hill... [more]

Wild About Aioli - And You Can Too!

20 July 2014 | You can have your thick, red, juice-dripping burgers. Make mine dry, ideally with a slight crisp on the outside. Squeeze out those juices! Which is why condiments ruled when we were growing up. Dry burgers offer texture, you see, but sometimes the flavor needs a little push. We'd trot out the ketchup, mustard, maybe mayo... [more]

3 Secret Ingredients for a Fine Time + Good Eating

13 July 2014 | We were never culinary queens. We left that - when we could get away with it - to other, more talented and giving folks. Lucky us, of course. But something happened as we passed from the stresses of fast-track life to more contemplative pursuits. In The World Without Alarms, we have adapted... [more]

Some Crazy Fun with Strawberries (Also, Sugar & Butter)

6 July 2014 | "Ahhh, but the strawberries..." Captain Queeg's passion for the purloined strawberries in "The Caine Mutiny" was meant to be a sign that he had lost his marbles, as well as a quart of the sweet fruit. Played with drooling madness by Humphrey Bogart in the 1954 film, Queeg and his decline into insanity have become legendary. After all, who could go so crazy over strawberries? Well, us, right now, if you must know... [more]

Irony the Duck